Kunstkonzept SZA 2015-2016

Last week I travelled to Frankfurt to install a series of paintings and screenprints that have been selected for an exhibition in the offices of the law firm Schilling, Zutt & Anschütz. Each year a new project is curated by Merja Herzog-Hellsten and new artists are selected to install work. This year I will be exhibiting alongside the following artists:

Jürgen Klugmann (Tübingen) www.klugmann-kunst.com
Michael Kolod (Maintal/ Frankfurt) www.michaelkolod.de
Volker Steinbacher (Frankfurt) www.volker-steinbacher.de
Heide Weidele (Frankfurt) www.heideweidele.de
SZA – www.sza.de
Merja Herzog-Hellsten – www.herzog-hellsten.de
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